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The number of posts I see on the sextips LJ Community that go, I'm [having difficulty cumming/not getting laid enough/don't feel sexy enough/can't please my partner/think I'm weird/have difficulty talking about sex with my partner/insert other random issue/select as applicable] yadda yadda yadda...

So, as a service to my friends the world, I'm copying and pasting a comment I added to a post on the above community for all the world to share and to encourage discussion...

"Good sex, IMHO, is about being intimate with your partner, enjoying each other physically, emotionally and sexually. Orgasms only last a few seconds - why get hung up on them? Before you go sailing off on the Great Quest for the mythical Holy Grail of Orgasms, bear in mind that it's not the destination, but the path journeyed that brings you greatest experience and joy.

Take your time. Relax. Cuddle, snuggle and huggle each other. A lot. Kiss, french kiss and make out like there's no tomorrow - clothed or naked it's entirely up to you and your partners. Stop to smell the roses. Take your time. Enjoy the sensations and sensuousness of each and every passing moment you spend in each other's company in bed together. Play together - kiss, touch, stroke, nibble, scritch, scratch, lick, blow, suck, caress, fondle, massage, cuddle, hug and savour each other's bodies. Enjoy each and every sexual act for what it is, not for the fact that you might have an orgasm or bestow one up on your partner."


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